Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vogue Pattern Book, April-May 1956

My latest acquisition!

There were two main fashion silhouettes in the 1950s: the bouffant skirt with slender waist and the tight and narrow sheath style.  (Both of which relied upon constricting "foundation garments" for their effect.)  This is an example of the latter as interpreted by "Vogue Patterns" in 1956.


  1. Hi! I came across Vogue Patterns from a book about life in 1950s. Is this the same Vogue magazine of today?

    1. Yes and no! It was a sister magazine to Vogue, run by the same company, but it specialised in promoting Vogue sewing patterns. Vogue, the glossy fashion and high society magazine, was published separately as it had been since 1896.