Thursday, January 12, 2012

Butterick Pattern Book, Summer 1954

These ladies are the picture of '50s domesticity in their summer cottons.  The photographer has even posed them behind a white picket fence!


  1. And the white picket fence IS a picture of 50s (American) domesticity, is it not? I remember one episode of MASH where they used it to simulate Colonel Potter's future home. (And he said his wife wanted it, but he did not, because you can't sit on a fence like that. :-)

  2. Former Australian prime minister John Howard described himself as "a white picket fence kind of guy" when asked about his 50s take on life - so as a symbol of domesticity it has gone well and truly beyond America!

    (And short of posing the models baking cookies, they couldn't have made them look more like Happy Housewives!)