Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chicago Mail Order sale catalog, Summer 1933

My first post for 2013!  To kick the year off, I've chosen a couple of pages from a small mail order catalogue almost exactly 80 years old:

In America, home of the Chicago Mail Order Company, the New Deal was coming into effect and the worst of the Depression was over - though by no means ALL over!  Chicago Mail Order Co. was clearly hoping its customers were feeling more prosperous and more inclined to spend when it issued this catalogue, though you'll notice items on these pages were being sold at some very low prices indeed.

(Since printing in colour was expensive, the firm printed most of its catalogue in black and white - and tried to cram pictures of as many garments as possible on its colour pages.  From my perspective that means we have a lot of delightful examples of summer wear depicted on these two pages!)

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