Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home Fashions Easy Dressmaking Day Frocks, 1945

"When He Comes Home ... This frock will whisper that you're still the one girl in the world - as far as he's concerned!  Just as feminine as he remembers you, this frock is the one you'll choose for 'that rendezvous' - and for all the ones that follow!"

1945, and the end of the Second World War - but clothes and material to make clothes were still in desperately short supply and would be for some years as far as Britain and the rest of Europe were concerned.  This little pattern catalogue published in London is therefore as full of ideas to renovate one's tired old clothes as to sew new ones - "Look over your wardrobe ... Make do to make NEW!"

Probably few of them turned out as well as the illustrations.

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