Monday, February 21, 2011

Flair, 1958

"This mid-20th century has given us so many new fabrics that weigh almost nothing, that one woman should be able to pack enough clothes into a 45lb. luggage allowance to for the entire round-the-world air trip."
Headed "Australian Fashions and Where To Buy Them", Flair heralded the post-war consumer society.  Among the things available to consumers were a whole range of new easy-to-care for synthetic fabrics and cheaper air travel.  The fifties, however, was a decade which still laid down strict rules as to what could be worn where and when - so Flair steps into the breach here to suggest ways to make the most of an airline luggage allowance.  This issue of the magazine also contains advice on getting passports and visas for the novice traveller.

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