Monday, May 23, 2011

Photograph, ca. 1866

I've been missing in action the last week because I've been in Melbourne - where I discovered a shop in East Kew that sold lots of wonderful collectibles, including this Victorian carte de visite sized photograph.  From the information printed on the back it was taken by C. Hawkins at the Brighton School of Photography, and I put the date at around 1866.  The sitter's skirt, while still full, has lost the bell-shaped crinoline which supported the fashionable shape earlier in the decade.  Her waist is cinched by a belt made in the same material as her dress with an ornamental buckle.

A little research on the net indicates that the photographer moved to the address on the card (38 Preston Street) in 1865.  The chair and the table in the picture are props, and appear in other portraits taken at the Brighton School of Photography around the same time.

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