Monday, May 30, 2011

Photograph, ca. 1867-1868

This is another photograph from the second half of the 1860s.  It was taken by "W. Clayton, Artist & Photographer" at the Albert Portrait Rooms in Nottingham.   From what I can gather he was one of a family of photographers working in Nottingham in the 19th century.

I put this photograph at around 1867 or 1868 because the sitter's dress, while still obviously supported by some kind of cage, is cone-shaped rather than bell-shaped as it would have been during the hey-day of the crinoline.  The shape of the sleeves and the yoke are also very characteristic of the later half of the 1860s.  While the sitter is obviously not well-to-do, she appears to be able to keep up with the main trends of fashion.

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