Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shopping, October 1954

This magazine is an interesting little historical curiosity!

For a start, it was published in Britain where - in 1954 - the postwar period rationing and austerity had barely ended.  (The last remnants of food rationing in fact had only been done away with that year.)  In a sense the consumer society had barely begun - and yet here was a magazine strictly devoted to the consumption of fashion and accessories!

What's more, the numbering of the magazine - this is volume 12, number 12 - implies that Shopping had been existence a number of years already, partly in an era when consumption for the sake of it was considered unpatriotic!

The following issue after this one changed its name to Woman and Shopping.   Clearly the twin ideas of woman as consumer and recreational shopping were well on their way by 1954.

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